Yoga for shoulder pain: An effective and safe practice

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I have been practicing and teaching yoga for over 15 years. From this experience, I have learned that we can have an effective practice regardless of most physical limitations.

Many of us that would like to practice yoga have shoulder injuries. It could be from surgery, injury, computer over-use, bursitis, arthritis. Whatever the indication is, it can be tricky to practice yoga with this type of pain and potentially causing further injury. I know…I have done it!

This class is specifically designed to facilitate a yoga practice that honors the challenges related to shoulder issues and to develop an effective practice.

This session will include shoulder-safe asanas (poses) as well as shoulder-specific openers.

As a teacher once told me: “Pain will become your greatest teacher”. But with a mindful approach, we can avoid unnecessary or preventable pain and still enjoy the benefits of yoga.

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Cost:    $20

When:  Sunday 11:00  AM CST

Where: On-line Zoom webinar – the comfort of your own space

What you will need:
– A good stable mat
– A strap or belt long enough to be able to hold with outstretched arms

I will do my best to answer any questions before class and to be available during the class for any real-time questions.

NOTE: If you have had recent shoulder surgery, please check with your doctor to ensure that you are ready for this type of activity.

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See you in the virtual studio!