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In 1997, after returning from living in Tokyo for two and a half years, I found myself browsing at Barnes & Noble. I purchased a book on yoga. It had big, glossy color pictures and as soon as I got home I opened the book and laid it down onto the carpet and attempted a few poses. The seed was planted. I immediately felt I was tapping into something immense but at the same time it also was daunting because I had no frame of reference and  I’d never been to a yoga class. Although I was somewhat exhilarated by this newfound discovery…it was difficult. Very difficult. And my back was pretty tangled up with a chronology of injuries.

In fits and starts of going to class and then not going, I landed in a class at the gym in 2002 that was graced by a wonderful teacher and human being who inspired me and connected the dots between a physical and spiritual aspect of the practice.

Through the encouragement of fellow yogis and friends I took the leap of faith into the unknown and enrolled in teacher training at YogaNow Chicago in 2010. Yoga continues to give back in ways that I had never expected, giving me a sense of purpose, fellowship and well-being that continues to bring me back  to the practice and all that it offers.

I see every class as an opportunity to learn something new. I continue to be a student and to explore teachers, studios and workshops so that I may keep my practice “green” and to keep an open mind and heart towards my practice. I incorporate hatha / vinyasa style of yoga and I try to apply the alignment principles of Iyengar along with the discipline of Ashtanga. Jivamukti and Dharma Mittra are also two styles of yoga that inform my classes.

My hope is that from each class, the student leaves with more knowledge about their own practice, their own self and that they leave feeling more connected to themselves and the world around them.

The journey begins by showing up on the mat! Join us!!!                                                                                                                                



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