A smack-down for winter blues!


What happened?! It was summer…now it’s dark and the cold air is creeping towards us. The polar vortex  may revisit or it may not. Either way we have no control and so how do we manage our attitude during these most unwelcome winter tidings?

I have found that the yoga space I teach in (Grace Place) offers a particularly inviting and soothing sanctuary from the frigid evening. Yoga has the ability to elevate the mood and refresh energy levels. So, for my money the best way to give winter a full-on smack down is to practice. And with some candle light and perhaps a vigorous flow or a long, deep Hatha class and some restorative poses…and perhaps some mesmerizing music…one can be lifted out of the dull grey mood engendered by this unfortunate season.

Get into action and into the shala…

Peace, out!


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