Why we need yoga!


Sitting in an office chair all day does remarkably horrible things to your body. It shortens the hamstrings, immobilizes the hips, messes with your posture and causes lower back issues. Not to mention the cardiovascular downside of sitting all day.

Standing on your feet all day causes feet to swell, is very stressful on the the knee and hip joints, and can compress the spine depending on the surface you stand on. Usually it’s a hard tile floor.

A big city causes all sorts of tension from noise and crowded walkways, traffic, etc. This can cause internal stresses that result in many symptoms. We all know stress is bad.

Connective tissue (the stuff that is between the muscles and skin) becomes brittle along with the tightening of muscles and tendons and ligaments. And then the overall tightening of many areas from this general “constant tension” has additional deleterious effects. Calcification can result in the connective tissue, tendons and muscles as well. We then start to move less, citing pain and stiffness and aches…and then the vicious cycle begins. Less movement increases the negative effects.

Yoga is very specific in its ability to re-energize the parts of the body that become locked up and stiff. What I mean here is that fresh blood, oxygen and nutrients start to flood those areas that normally do not get this vital flow. Other forms of exercise are great but yoga postures have the specific ability to go very deep into the areas of our bodies that normally do not get stretched or move, and creates new pathways and openess, allowing for healing to take place. I recently had a student tell me they felt a lot of soreness after their first basic, easy does it yoga class. Yes, its the areas of the body reawakening and coming back to life. I liken it to the growing pains we feel in adolescence.

We are not predestined to be hunched over, with crippling back issues and painful arthritis and other various afflictions that are largely caused by our modern lifestyle, not to mention the diet of sugary, processed foods and factory farmed meat products that are also a direct contributor to preventable health challenges…but that is for another post! You know it…it’s making a decision to do something different 🙂

Yoga resets the clock and brings life giving energy back into the body and is a key component of a holistic approach to halting many preventable ailments.



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