Reducing the effects of MS: a true story about Yoga and food

True story…

CORRECTION: after an observation from a close friend, I want to say that If I were to rewrite this I would change the article to read “Reducing the effects of MS: Yoga and food”. Ya know, I am not a doctor (not that anybody would mistake me for one haha!)..and I am certainly not implying that other medical means aren’t the answer for anyone faced with this health challenge. But I am relaying the story of a woman that I have personally witnessed actually get healthier by adopting a healthy lifestyle and an alternative method of treatment that by her own words has seemed to have not only halted but reduced the effects of MS. So take what you want, leave the rest.

So, when I received a message from my very first regular yoga student that she had been quite unexpectedly diagnosed with MS it was difficult to believe. She is young, in her 30’s, with a succesful career in consulting and a full life. She had been coming to class for almost 2 years and had suddenly stopped coming to class for several months. A number of things raced through my mind. One of which was, be careful what you think about other people’s decisions, because they often have nothing to do with you (“you” being “me”). Since then she has returned to class and it’s been about 1 year since she was diagnosed with MS.

I had recently sent her an article regarding the negative effects and the implication that high sodium may be partly responsible for increased auto immune diseases. and particularly refined table salt and the terribly high sodium content in processed food. Since her diagnosis, as she has continued coming to yoga and changed her diet to PALEO and eliminated all PROCESSED FOODS, she shared some good news today: “I had an MRI recently and there were NO NEW LESIONS AND SOME OF THE EXISTING ONES HAD DECREASED.” The power of yoga and a diet free from processed food.

She gave me permission to share her story…anonymously 

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